Animal Control

Do not call the Piatt County Sheriff's Office with Animal Control issues unless it is after hours. Instead, please call the number for the Animal Control Warden for your area listed below, or Piatt County Animal Control for unincorporated and rural areas.


The Piatt County Animal Control officer is on call. Piatt County Animal Control serves only the rural and unincorporated areas of the county and can be reached by calling (217)762-2812 or after hours by calling the Piatt County Sheriff's Office at (217)762-5761.

Unincorporated areas of Piatt County are - White Heath, Lodge, Pierson Station, Milmine and LaPlace.


Incorporated areas in Piatt County have their own Animal Control Officer. The following is a list of Piatt County incorporated areas and the Animal Control contacts:

Animal Control Wardens for Incorporated Areas:
Atwood - Village Police (217)578-3141
Bement - Village Hall (217)678-4741
Cerro Gordo - Village Hall (217)763-8551
Cisco - Paula Chumbley (217)669-2211
DeLand - Todd Benting (217)722-9108
Hammond - Village Hall (217)262-3431
Mansfield - Susan Peterson (217)489-4801
Monticello - City Police (217)762-7727

For more information, please visit the Piatt County Animal Control website at


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