Court Security

The Piatt County Sheriff's Court Security Division is made up of Court Security Officers and Courtroom Bailiffs.


The Court Security officers are responsible for the protection of the Piatt County Courthouse. Their duties include screening of all visitors entering the building (as well as their personal items, purses, etc.), for weapons, illegal contraband, explosives or items that could be used as weapons. In addition, food, drink, cell phones, cameras, computers and all other electronic devices are not permitted in the courthouse as well as any other item deemed inappropriate by the Security Officer. These officers are trained in various security and law enforcement methods, including the recognition and detection of explosive devices, crowd control, and arrest and apprehension techniques. Courtroom Bailiff's assist with daily courtroom operations and trials. Court Security Officers and Bailiffs provide personal protection for judges, elected officials, attorneys, county employees and all other personnel within the building.


Court Security Officers and Bailiffs are authorized to serve warrants, orders of protection and court summonses to individuals within the courthouse and take individuals into custody as directed by the court or by warrant.


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