Authorized Items for Inmates

  1. Money - Deposits may be made in the form of cash during visiting hours or electronically via our secure online portal at
  2. *Access to religious literature is permitted, provided it is in paperback format. Books, magazines, or newspapers brought by friends or family are not permitted. Inmates may receive reading materials such as books, puzzles, or magazines through approved channels such as Amazon. Additionally, the local newspaper is available in the library.
  3. *Clothing, food, and hygiene items are readily available for purchase through the commissary and should not be sent via mail. Envelopes, paper, and stamps are also available for purchase through the commissary.
  4. Attire appropriate for court proceedings, particularly for trials by jury, may be submitted up to one week in advance./li>
  5. Prescription glasses - must be authorized by medical staff before they can be utilized.
  6. All prescription medications brought into the facility must be approved by our medication verification team and the facility physician. No other items will be accepted.

Mail Guidelines

  1. Only mail enclosed in standard-sized envelopes will be accepted, with dimensions not exceeding 9 inches by 4 inches for letter envelopes or standard greeting card size.
  2. All incoming and outgoing mail must include a complete name, return address, and will undergo inspection by corrections staff. Cards or letters containing foreign substances or musical components will be considered contraband and disposed of accordingly. Plain greeting cards are recommended.
  3. Inappropriate materials such as pornographic content, gang-affiliated imagery, or otherwise offensive publications will not be distributed to inmates via mail. Additionally, inmates may receive a maximum of five personal pictures at one time, each not exceeding the standard size of 4 inches by 6 inches. We kindly request that all pictures and letters from family members intended for inmates be mailed to the jail rather than brought during visitation.
  4. Legal documents must be sent via mail. We do not accept hand-delivered mail from friends or family members.

*Anything sent to our institution that is not on the approved items list will be considered contraband and will be disposed of. The Piatt County Jail is not responsible for lost mail or lost packages.

Updated 03-14-24


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